What’s important is being happy – in your work and within yourself. I believe that is real success. Maybe enjoying a different or simpler life and doing what makes you feel great will be your success. I want to work with people supporting and encouraging them to grow in confidence, believe in themselves, take control of their lives and be the best they can be.

Lucy Traynor Coaching You

Coaching You

Coaching is an investment in you.  It is time to reflect, explore and share in a safe and confidential place, where you can focus on your personal goals, personal development and it is my priority to make sure you put yourself first.


People come to coaching for many reasons but common threads are: stuck in a rut, unhappy at work, lack of or no confidence, job application preparation, interview techniques, professional supervision, the desire to change but don’t know where to start.


Whatever you want to achieve or address, together we tackle the obstacles and make a plan for you to enjoy a happier life at work and at home.

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Lucy Traynor Coaching Business

Consulting Business

My focus is always on making businesses successful through its great people.


I only work with like-minded organisations that:


  • Believe the workplace must be without egos – these are damaging, wasteful and impress no one.
  • Believe teams are recognised, valued and developed for ‘the mix’ of individual skills.
  • Believe managers embrace uniqueness and character; listen, ask and involve; bottle the learning; encourage innovation; deliver substance and measure what matters.
  • Believe leaders take accountability for tough decisions and difficult conversations; performance manage effectively and positively; lead in a strong and motivational way and do all this with respect and care.
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